Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you see children?
  • Yes, if they will see me. We do not force kids into any dental situation that they aren't willing to go. Some kids are self-motivated, but if they aren't it's up to mom and dad to motivate them into cooperation.

  • At what age should I bring my child to see a dentist?
  • It depends on the child. I have worked with very extroverted, motivated three year-olds, and I've been unable to work with introverted stubborn seven year-olds. Mom and dad will know when the child is ready for new environments and new people, having said that, 4-5 years old is a good time to start, assuming there are no visible problems that would require earlier intervention.

  • Do you take my insurance?
  • 95% of the time-yes. The real question is "Does your insurance take me?" Dental insurance benefits belong to you as an individual not our office. Know your policy. We will help you maximize your benefits and file your claims, but you need to know if you can choose your own dentist or if the policy is choosing one for you.

    We are an approved provider and currently accept the following dental insurance:

    * CIGNA - Radius Network only
    * Premier Network
    * (DHA) Dental Health Alliance Network
    * Delta Dental - PPO and Premier
    * MetLife
    * Connection Dental/GEHA
    * Blue Cross Blue Shield - Federal
    * Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield - 3000 Network only

    Insurance carriers subject to change. Please confirm when making your appointment.

  • Do you accept Medicaid?
  • No

  • Do you have payment plans?
  • Yes, we work with two financing companies, CitiHealth and Care Credit. Both offer interest free options based on amount borrowed and term of payback. Patient's can also pay into their account like lay-a-way to build credit towards needed treatment.

  • Will I get my teeth cleaned the first time I visit the office?
  • Most often not. There are two reasons why.

    First, we like to spend our first visit gathering information about your wants, needs, and general dental conditions. We do this by talking about your wishes, examining your teeth and gums, taking radiographs and intraoral photos

    Second, not every person needs the same level of cleaning. After our initial dental exam, we can determine how much time you will need to spend with our hygienist and how much the cleaning will cost. We can then set the appropriate appointment to get your teeth clean and shiny.